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HI #foodlovers we would like to share with you this.
Sorry if is a bit long text..
Accommodating Groups at The Cousins Trattoria.
In the past few months we had several issue with clients calling and asking to accommodate large groups for dinner.
The Cousins Restaurant is a small Trattoria with 20 small tables, despite the fact we are both honoured and thankful with everyone for enquiring to reserve large groups, we would also like to stress that we try to accomodate as many people as we can however, in order to ensure that we keep on offering the italian experience we can only take reservations for a maximum of 10 people.
When a group reaches more than 10 people in our small trattoria, we would face a very uncomfortable situations as our service would decline and the kitchen would not be providing the good qualities dishes we are renown for.
Guests come to our restaurant to have fun, laugh, and talk to each other. Should we welcome big groups in our small environment the experience would fade away.
We would also like to reiterate that our kitchen can not provide good dishes of the renown freshly made pastas should the group be too large. Service wise we would not be capable to serve everyone at the same time. We do not want to have “UNHAPPY CLIENTS”
We always try to serve everyone very fast and that would be impossible with large groups.
Some guests may ask to split the group in 2 or more tables: even with this arrangement the situation would not change because we would still have have a group of people coming in together and the above mentioned consequences would again arise.
Another thing to consider is that with larger groups people tend to talk to each other between 15 people from one end of the table to the other, resulting in rising the volume of their voice so it becomes really loud and we had other guests that complained about the to much noise that will result in unhappiness of the other clients.
After almost 5 years since we opened our doors, our experience teaches us that for the guests’ happiness in order for the restaurant to provide good service, we should not take reservations for more than 8 people.
What counts for The Cousins is that your experience and satisfaction!!!!!
It would be wonderful and special for us to take as many people and groups as we can but in the end we would be facing unhappy clients.
That is exactly what we do not want!!!
We hope you will appreciate this..
Have a lovely Week End!!!
The cousins