The Cousins Best Italian Restaurant | Home made pasta | 3b Barrack Street, CBD Cape Town

About us

The best Italian Restaurant in Cape Town

The Cousins Italian Trattoria was an idea created by Andrea and Simone who wanted to bring their knowledge and passion for food to Cape Town.

These cousins from Romagna, on the Adriatic coast of Italy, have lived in (and loved) Cape Town for many years, but felt there was not a place in the city where they could find the simple, authentic Italian food they had grown up with, in their homeland.

So joining their skills, they opened The Cousins Trattoria, where Andrea makes fresh pasta every morning, using only fresh and natural ingredients, just like Mama does! Biscuits and tiramisu are baked daily; great coffee and a passion for service makes this easy going place a heaven
for the senses.

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Born the 3-5-1971 in Basel ( Switzerland ) grew up until the age of 11 in Basel and moved then to Italy were he finished school. School that was not meant for him, beeing used to travel a lot between Italy and Switzerland since he was a kid this travelling mood stayed with him and never left. After finishing school in Italy he moved to Tunisia for 1 year working in a Hotel Club, not been happy he moved then to France for 6 months and even here he didnt found what he was seeking ( even now at 44 he doesnt know ). Afterwards he tried Germany were he stayed for 10 years but it didnt meant to last. The travelling and adventure brought him to Cape Town when his cousin Andrea suggested him a new City to explore. No advice was better then his.
Suggestion: never ask ketchup or mayonnaise, you will be in danger
Born the 13-1-1983 in Cesena (Italy)
He always tried since he was young to kill himself with all the extreme sport that you can imagine.
At the age of 20 after he realised that the school was not for him, he decided to open his own business. His masterpiece has been a reasturant Bar in Cesenatico named Caffe Live, but even if the place was working so well the calling of the ocean was to strong thats way he decided to move to Cape Town. Here he goes on board of this crazy Restaurant with his cousins. Now he is the official Barman of The Cousins Trattoria as well official is the fact that ther are more waves that he catches as the one he misses. Carefull to the shark LUKA!!
His Motto is: Keep calm and g surf !!!!! SUGGESTION: I do the best Long Island Ice Tea in town..
Second suggestion: ask to simone ketchup for the pasta i twill be very funny


Born the 03-04-1972 in Cesenatico ( Italy )!!! grew up in this beautifull little fishing town along the shore of the Adriatic sea.also famous as a beach resort town, so you can imagine what washappening between Andrea a home made Tagliatella and all the broken hearts of the tourist that he left along the shore. At the age of 16 he left the small town with his Model book and his tools for make pasta in search of adventure and success in the big City Milan.
Milan give him succes as an international model but after his visit to Cape Town he decide to put his roots here in this wonderfull town. Andrea said: Never seen in my life so beautifull ladies and an amazing natural envirement!!!!
Now he is responsable for the kitchen and for sure the one that will take care of your pasta.

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