The Cousins Best Italian Restaurant | Home made pasta | 3b Barrack Street, CBD Cape Town

No More Water

Lovely People from tomorrow the 1st of February as you know Level 6B water restriction is being implemented by CoCT In order to help save water we are going to contribute by implementing the following at the restaurant 1-our food will be serve in 100% BIODEGRADABLE plates this will help with saving a lot of water 2-water and wine will now be served in 100% BIODEGRADABLE cups / goblets You are more than welcome to bring your own glass and you’re welcome to drink your wine from it , and take it home to wash it 3- No more ice on the side or ice in cold drink (our wine and our cold drinks come from the fridge and have already the right temperature for you to enjoy ) 4- We offer a discount on our water from 25.00 Rand to 20.00 Rand per Lt. 5- On our toilette the tap will be closed but you’ll find sanitized serviette to clean your hands We are doing all this , so that we can keep on giving you the same food experience , while in a dire situation ( we all need to do our part in order to push day zero back) , also we want to make sure that all this will not discourage you from visiting our little family place Andrea , Luca & Simone promise you that this is not going to affect the wonderful flavors and atmosphere that you have come to know at the Cousins In the hope that you will all understand we are trying to do our part in saving water , and at the same time marking sure that the implements we are going to use are 100% biodegradable and not harmful to Mother Nature….MORE INFO .