The Cousins Best Italian Restaurant | Home made pasta | 3b Barrack Street, CBD Cape Town

Our Specialities

Tuna Carpaccio
Baby chicken

Carpaccio with Cherry tomato springs onions capperi lemon juice and olive oik
Baby chicken infused with butter white wine rosemary and chilli jam.

Strozzapreti alla vodka

Burrata mozzarella served with tomato sliced, pesto sauce and a drizzle of balsamic reduction.
Pasta with salmon trout dill leeks vodka bit of fresh cream and tomato sauce (no ketchup)..



Lovely Italian food lovers specially the vegetarian one from tomorrow at The Cousins we serve the famous PARMIGIANA. What is Parmigiana exactly: oven baked layers of aubergine mixed with mozzarella cheese, plein tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese combined with some secret spices. We cant tell you all the secret of the receipe..hehehe…So come and try this century old speciality..
Hi to all the food junky,
Thursday at The Trattoria The Cousins we serve again the famous Gnocco Fritto typical kind of bread from Modena that is served specially with cold starter such as our Meat & Cheese Platter..

Let us start with the basics PASTA Cousin Andrea presents you our first and most traditional Pasta dish: Tagliatella Bolognese. Tagliatella (home made Pasta, mix of eggs, water and white flour) is long flat and wide, perfect for to be attached from our Bolognese sauce. Important to acknowledge is that the bolognese sauce doesn't have to test to much with tomato. The process is to cook first celery onion and carrot in seeds oil, you add the beef meat, you add some red wine so that the meat doesn't burn. Once the meat has taken some brown colour you add the tomato paste ( not peeled tomato and not chopped tomato, too acidic). You fill the pot with water and then you cook on a low flame for 4 hours. In doing so once the water evaporates the fat of the meat starts to melt and it helps us to not burn the sauce. So that oily sauce of the bolognese is not oil its actually the melted fat of the meat. From here the mediterranean diet. You can't get fat using natural fat. Its a sauce that can go with almost every pasta. So lovely people... After a #kitesession , gym, jogging, hike a swim or beach volley??? Nothing is better then an energetic home made pasta prepared from The Cousins come to visit us in 3b Barrack street, CBD, Capetown 0848424612